Rustington and District Home Guard Rifle Club
Hangleton Rifle Club

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Fullbore and Blackpowder Club, shooting on our private 100yd outdoor range and regularly
taking advantage of the facilities at Bisley.


Club Anniversary Sunday 16-Jul-17, 25 Years shooting on our own range, special day shooting at short range with .22, Rook, Rabbit and Revolver Cartridge Rifles, and a BBQ.

Buffalo Target at 1000yds in the afternoon after the 1000yds Sunday 23-Jul-17 AM at Bisley

1200yds now booked for Saturday 16-Sep-17 PM at Bisley

Range Officers needed for Bisley. We are currently reliant on only two of our club members holding Bisley Range Conducting Officer certification so we can shoot at Bisley. Anyone interested in becoming a Range Officer please contact Club Secretary for details.
    - Next weekend courses at Bisley:
        - 14-15 October 2017
        - 11-12 November 2017
        - 9-10 December 2017


New Members always welcome, please contact us for details

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